Hi, I'M Judith - A Business Artist with a Unique Perspective

What I DO: I help you change perspective

Business Artist's Perspective

Consult me to get a new perspective on current themes and complex problems - quick thinking business mind and authentic rebell in one. 

Creative Collaboration

Contact me for collaboration on aspects of creativity, culture, leadership, empowerment, change, learning and positive social impact.

Creative Workshops

Invite me to develop your people's talents and creativity through a mix of analytical and creative methods - it's all about growth.

Performance Speaking

Deliver long-term learning impact for your people by bringing content to life through creative storytelling - a combination of speech and art performance.

Business Artist in Residence

Make space for a business artist in your office and see what happens if artistic intervention stirrs up creativity in daily business.

Art Project And Vernissage

Experience your business topics as an artistic vernissage and let people experience new aspects through creative engagement of all senses - tangible, interactive, unique.

My Aim: Positive Impact and Personal Growth

My Themes: People, Change and Creativity

Ideation and Co-Creation, Social Innovation, Future of Work, Creative Leadership, New Work Culture,

Engagement, Learning, People Agility, Cross-cultural and Interdisciplinary Collaboration,

Talent-Focused Work Design and Job Crafting

Empowerment, Mindset and Purpose

Personal Development

Why Me: I Am A Business Artist

I am Interdisciplinary and Creatvie by nature


Founder of jh creative consulting and Co-Founder of Hartfish


Trainer and Academic Lecturer on Design Thinking, Leadership, New Work, Change, Innovation


Researcher on Entrepreneurial and Arts-based Learning


Former Management Consultant at PwC on Financial Risk, Treasury, Sustainability


Former Startegic HR/ Talent Manager and Recruiter at BMW Billiance China


International projects in Europe (the UK, the Netherlands, Germany), Australia, China and Hongkong, Singapore, etc.


Degree in "International Management and Business Chinese" (Germany/ China)


Qualified in Life/ Work Planning (R. Bolles) for Life and Work Design


5-months Intensive Programme in Contemporary Dance


Workshops in Musical Repertoire, Improv Acting, Circus Artistics, Painting, etc.


Bilingual in German and English and conversational in Chinese (Mandarin)


Diverse MOOCs (Human-centered Design for Social Change, Digital Leadership, etc.)


Growth Mindset with constant hunger for new input and autodidactic Learner


Complexity and Big Picture Thinker with love for problem-solving in systems


Optimistic Believer in positive change through empowerment and learning


Value-driven Visionary and Network Thinker connecting the dots


Empathatic Observer of people, environment, culture and society


Global Mindset and Bridge Builder between cultures and languages

Judith Hartlmaier

jh creative consulting


+49 (0)172/ 860 3266

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